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Natalie’s Inspiration for Acting

Natalie Charal takes much inspiration from the golden age of musical theater and classic actresses such as Audrey Hepburn, Julie Andrews, and Barbara Streisand. She currently studies theater and music at SVU and aspires to act realistically following the methods of Stella Adler.


Taking on Roles Wholeheartedly

Take a look at Natalie’s contribution in every play, musical, and film production she has contributed to and you will see an actress who puts her heart into every role. She does whatever it takes to understand her character according to the needs of the production. She loves challenging roles involving new accents or character traits contrary to her natural personality as shown in some of her more contrasting parts. Whether playing a bubbly side character (Lydia in All My Sons), an outspoken messenger from God (Joan in Saint Joan), a soft spoken Russian immigrant (12 Angry Jurors), or even a man (Rudolpho in Matilda), Natalie Charal goes all in to embrace her role.

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