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Expertise in Singing, Songwriting, and Composition

A versatile singer, composer, and songwriter, Natalie has a profound passion for well written music with varying instrumentation. Natalie has well established herself in the world of composition after having written over 50 original songs spanning a diverse range of genres. Most recently, Natalie helped put together an orchestra concert showcasing original compositions by students such as herself.

Charal’s Versatility in Musical Creations

Over the years, Charal has honed her skills through both her musical theory studies at Southern Virginia University and her experience crafting compositions. Her work traverses a wide spectrum of genres such as electronica, orchestral, alternative rock, pop, acoustic, country, hip hop, and film soundtrack. In addition to Natalie’s countless original songs, she has also contributed her voice and songwriting to several collaborative projects including work with artists like Giving Ghosts, Damon MacLeod, Ruben Harris, and bands from the SVU music industry program.

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